Tony Clark of JointWorks gave an excellent introduction to SketchUp and how he uses it to design and visualise projects before they are built. He acknowledged the learning curve but encouraged perseverance, and watching Tony was certainly inspiration to do so!

Useful tips:
· Using the left mouse button three times on an object will select it all.
· Right click to reveal the drop-down menu which allows you to make a component or group.
· A component means all copies of the component will be edited when you edit one of them.
· You can use the “Make unique” command on part of a component to stop it being modified.
· To make a copy, use the Move tool (m) and start dragging, press the CTRL key and it will make a copy.
· To space a set of components, make a copy, set the distance apart, then use “X” (For example “x 3” would make 3 copies.)

Tony received a well-deserved round of applause for his efforts and we broke for supper, followed by Show and Tell.

Five members shared their works and stories with us for Show and Tell. Andrew H brought in some wooden components for his auditory electronics, including a matai and cork sound insulator, as well as what will become a holder for vinyl records.

Paul G showed some acquisitions from a local op-shop that had been made by previous Guild members.

Peter F showed off his latest Trade Me purchase; an attachment for a brace and bit containing a universal joint that can be modified for any angle.

Charlie A brought in some shallow relief wood carvings done on a piece of tōtara.

Tony finished the evening by describing his tribulations while soundproofing his dust extractor with Rockwool. Very dusty – use a good-quality dust mask!

Charlie A and Chris F