For those who missed it, another fabulous evening at Nayland college.

There was some information passed on regarding the forth coming Box exhibition at Fibre Spectrum Nelson.

The evening started with show and tell, with a number of members bringing along something to show.  Tony brought along a 1897 plane that had been restored by Noel Matheson after being found as a block of rust in the water.  Peter brought along his new and improved thread cutter, for cutting wooden threads.  He demonstrated the machine at the break.  Fergus shows a new glue bottle, while Joe showed he hasn’t lost his touch with wood turning.

The main speakers were David and Paul, the topic being sharpening.  He demonstrated the process which he uses and teaches to sharpen all his tools.  Namely start with the back of the blade and the then move on to the bevel.  He uses stones ranging from 200 grit (approx.) to 8000 grit to produce a very sharp plane.  Some of the things that I gathered from the demonstration were

  • The angle is a starting point but not set in stone
  • Japanese chisels prefer a straight grind , not hollow ground


Unfortunately we ran out of time, and had to postpone Pauls talk on scrapers till another time.